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Title: Descent 2nd Edition
Post by: TylerChuit on October 29, 2011, 05:00:37
FFG is releasing the second edition of Descent that basically changes and simplifies a lot of the rules and cards.

It sounds pretty good.  The reason I'm not pissed that it costs $80 and makes all of my $300+  first edition and expansions obsolete, is the fact that they are also releasing a $25 "conversion kit" that can be added to the first edition that brings it up to date.

I'm still interested in starting the once a month Descent night.   Probably begining sometime early next year.
Title: Re: Descent 2nd Edition
Post by: tampamac2002 on October 31, 2011, 23:06:32
I'm interested as well. Might have some others willing to play, need to check. If so, the one guy that was our dm for Dungeons and Dragons would need to play out of his house in Holiday due to having to keep an eye on his boy.

Title: Re: Descent 2nd Edition
Post by: TylerChuit on November 01, 2011, 17:13:28
I will keep that in mind. :)
Title: Re: Descent 2nd Edition
Post by: Dragon on September 03, 2012, 20:35:36
Hey Chris,

I came across this on Funagain.com and thought that they would be welcome changes to Descent. Did you ever get the conversion kit or find out what specifically was changed?

Quote from: http://http://www.funagain.com/control/product?product_id=026172/~affil=DRGH
Compared to the first edition of Descent: Journeys in the Dark, this game features:
  • Simpler rules for determining line of sight
  • Faster setup of each encounter
  • Defense dice to mitigate the tendency to "math out" attacks
  • Shorter quests with plenty of natural stopping points
  • Cards that list necessary statistics, conditions, and effects
  • A new mechanism for controlling the overlord powers
  • Enhanced hero selection and creation process
  • Experience system to allow for hero growth and development
  • Out-of-the-box campaign system

Also, did you find out about setting up that game at the library?
Title: Re: Descent 2nd Edition
Post by: TylerChuit on September 06, 2012, 02:32:27
From what I can see, the conversion kit is like an adapter that will let you plug your first edition set into the second edition set, but you would still need to buy the second edition set to get the new adventures and characters.  I may be wrong, but from the description  I've seen, that's what it sounds like.

And no, I haven't checked yet with the library.  The new location I'm working at has been keeping me pretty busy.  There are alot of other new people there, and until things settle down my schedule is pretty eratic.  Although, when I do, I may have a new gamer.  A co-worker named David introduced himself by giving me a riddle to solve.  He seems like he could be one of us.