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SIX (2003)
« on: May 12, 2013, 02:13:36 »
Time for another installment of reviewing a game for my gamer friends, most of whom probably won't read it.  :P

I am currently obsessed with the game Six.  It is a 2-player, abstract, strategy game, the object of which is to form one of 3 shapes using 6 hexagonal tiles.

Each player is given a group of tiles, then takes turns playing them next to each other to form either a straight line, a triangle, or a circle.  At the same time, you are trying to prevent the other player from doing the same with their pieces first.

If all the pieces are played with no winner, then you enter "stage 2," where you must remove one of your pieces from the board and play it somewhere else.  It can get very tricky since some of your pieces will already be blocking the other player from victory.  Also, if a piece you remove causes two separate groups to exist, the smaller group is removed from the game.

Six is very addictive in its simplicity.  The pure strategic nature means that a new player will probably be trounced by a more experienced player, but when you have two players that know the game well, it can get very exciting and tense.  However, since there are only 3 shapes that win the game, learning the strategies isn't a super hard task, and after a few plays you learn what to watch out for.

This game really has a classic feel of being centuries old, but it just came out in 2003 from Steffen Mühlhäuser.  As stated above, it is one of the games and is available to play for free on that website.
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Re: SIX (2003)
« Reply #1 on: May 25, 2013, 10:11:27 »
Sounds interesting. Thanks for the info and link.
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